2022: Concordia University


2022: Concordia University

November 4-5, 2022 in Montreal, Canada
Hosted by Concordia University at CIRANO

Friday, November 4

8h15-8h50 Registration & Breakfast
8h50-9h00 Opening remarks

Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin (President and CEO of CIRANO)


Session 1: Taxes and welfare

Steeve Mongrain (SFU) “Profit shifting with multiple instruments” (with T. van Ypersele)
Discussant: Elizabeth Gugl (U Victoria)

Jeffrey Hicks (U Toronto), “The effect of reducing welfare access on employment, health, and children’s long-run outcomes” (with G. Simard-Duplain, D. Green, W. Warburton)
Discussant: Andiana Bellou (U Montreal)

10h30-10h45 Break

Session 2: Insurance

Philippe De Donder (Toulouse), “Advantageous selection without moral hazard” (with M.L. Leroux and F. Salanie)
Discussant: Michel Poitevin (U Montreal)

Kristy Buzard (Syracuse), “Lobbying as insurance against policy uncertainty” (with N Canen, S. Saiegh)
Discussant: Claude Fluet (U Laval)

12h15-13h30 Lunch Break

Session 3: Education and Retirement

Ardyn Nordstrom (Concordia), ““It takes a village: The impact of community mobilization campaigns on attitudes and education”
Discussant: Todd Morris (HEC Montreal)

Jan Kabátek (U Melbourne), “Delaying retirement: How are firms and coworkers affected?” (with I. Ferrari and T. Morris)
Discussant: Adam Lavecchia (McMaster)

15h00-15h15 Break

Session 4: Political competition and elections

Dan McGee (Princeton), “Legitimizing myths and inequality ”
Discussant: Arnaud Dellis (UQAM)

Man Wai Mak (WLU), “The impact of covid-19 on voting behaviour in the 2020 US presidential election” (with M. Gallego, S. Tamayo-Alvare)
Discussant: Raphael Godefroy (U Montreal)

16h45-17h00 Break

John Deutsch Institute at Queen’s Keynote Lecture 

Yan Chen (U Michigan) “group Identity and opinion formation: With applications to political polarization” (with K. Bauer, F. Hett, and M. Kosfeld)

19h30, Conference dinner by invitation

Saturday, November 5

8h30-9h00 Breakfast

Session 5: Accountability, bureaucrats, and political parties

Kurt Annen (U Guelph) “Political accountability with endogenous party formation” (with S. Hug)
Discussant: Sumon Majumdar (Queen’s)

Jean Guillaume Forand (U Waterloo), “Elections with job-motivated bureaucrats”
Discussant: Rohan Dutta (McGill)

10h30-10h45 Break

Session 6: Gender, family, and work

Siha Lee (McMaster), “Universal childcare, fertility, and parental time investments” (with S. Liu)
Discussant: Gabrielle Vasey (Concordia)

Martin Farnham (U Victoria), “A model of the effects of gender neutral tenure clock stopping policies on publication strategies of junior faculty” (with E. Gugl, M. Amini)
Discussant: Marie-Louise Leroux (UQAM)

12h15-13h30 Lunch Break

CIREQ Keynote Lecture

Navin Kartik (Columbia University) “Test-optional admissions”   (with W. Dessein and A. Frankel)

14h30-14h45 Break

Session 7: Taxation

Guy Morel Kossivi Amouzou Agbe (U Laval), “Incentives, productivity and the excess burden of taxation: Evidence from a field experiment” (with B. Shearer)
Discussant: Jeffrey Hicks (U Toronto)

Josip Lesica (Statistics Canada), “Differentiated excise taxation in the beer market” (with S. Han)
Discussant: Ian Irvine (Concordia)

16h15 End of Conference